• US Release: October 23, 1967
  • UK Release: November 1967
  • Chart High: US #31; UK #29
  • Backed With: 
  • Wind Chimes (Pet Sounds)

Wild Honey Sessions
September 26th 1967, Bel Air, Ca

Today at his home studio in Bel Air, Brian, and The Beach Boys (Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love & Bruce Johnston) begin work on the back to basics album Wild Honey. The group – and especially Carl – take over the main production reins that Brian has relinquished. Carl, now nearly 21, has almost instinctively begun to pick up where Brian has left off. Recorded in a matter of weeks, the sessions begin with the album’s fine R&B flavored title track. Mike Love says on US radio: “Brian wanted to do an R&B influenced album, he was working on the track at his house and I went into the kitchen, opened the cupboard and there was a jar of honey and I thought, “That’s an interesting title.”  When I wrote the words to “Wild Honey” I was thinking of a Stevie Wonder kind of lyric.”

“Wild Honey” features a brilliant piano riff and a raucous, impressive lead vocal from Carl. Today’s first tracking attempt features organ, percussion, bass,  tambourine and piano. Then following Carl’s lead vocal overdub, they record an instrumental insert featuring bongos, percussion and drums. To round off the session various overdubs are done, including vocal and organ. The next day around lunch time, Paul Tanner overdubs his distinctive electro-theremin part onto the opening. With that, “Wild Honey” is completed and prepared for single release.

Pictured: Two EP covers, Australia (Top), Portugal (Bottom)