• US Release: June 29, 1970
  • UK Release: None
  • Chart High: Did not chart
  • Backed With: 
  • This Whole World
  • Note: Only released in company sleeve

Slip On Through Sessions
July 1969-June 1970, Bel Air, CA

It is July 8th, 1969, and evidence suggests that this is the recording date for Dennis Wilson’s song “Slip On Through” and the inevitably unreleased “I’m Going Your Way” (also known as “California Slide”), a rocking song about picking up a female hitchhiker and the potential sex that might follow. “Slip On Through” is tracked in 18 takes with a pick-up piece edited on to the song’s ending. “I’m Going Your Way” is a lengthier affair, taking 25 attempts to complete. Also at this session, reduction mixes are made of “Slip On Through” to make way for the future overdubs. A rough vocal is also taped by Dennis, but this will be replaced for the master mix.

On October 6, 1969 back at Brian Wilson’s home studio in Bel Air, more work is being done on “Slip On Through”. A horn overdub is being added to the reduction mixes from July. John Audino and Tony Terran are the studio men today. After various work here and there through the end of 1969 and into the early parts of 1970, it is decided after the failed “Add Some Music” single, that “Slip On Through”, with its R&B inspired instrumentation and endearing lyrics, will be the next single. Still eager to promote their group, Warner/Reprise issues the label’s second Beach Boys 45, intended to serve as a taster for the forthcoming album. But like the first it is another massive flop, failing to break into the US Billboard chart at all, which is disappointing for such a great pop single. Clearly the group is still regarded as unhip by America’s record buying public.

Pictured: A and B side of the standard release.

Dutch Variant
Italian Variant