Friends Single

  • US Release: April 8, 1968
  • UK Release: May 1968
  • Chart High: US #47; UK #25
  • Backed With: 
  • Little Bird

FRIENDS Sessions
MARCH 13-22 1968, Bel air, CA

Today sees a session for “Friends”, co-written by Al Jardine, Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, and Carl Wilson. The song’s instrumental track is recorded in just six attempts (take 6 marked as master), followed by Carl overdubbing his lead vocal and then Brian, Al, Dennis and Bruce adding backing vocals. An alternate version of the song is with a different arrangement is attempted but scrapped. The next day at I.D. Sound Studio in Hollywood, a mix session is held for “Friends” and at least three mono mixes are made. Mike Love has been in Rishikesh, India at the Academy of Transcendental Meditation. Along with The Beatles, fellow musician Donovan and Mia Farrow, Mike has been learning about TM through Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They have been living in the Maharishi’s ashram, 150 feet above the Ganges and surrounded on three sides by jungle covered mountains. After a birthday party thrown for him by The Beatles, Mike flies back to California on the 15th.

On the same day that Mike flies back to California, the mono mixes of “Friends” and “Little Bird” are taken to Capitol’s studio in Hollywood for mastering. Now the 22nd, at Brian’s home studio, The Beach Boys are working on a session for an instrumental called “Passing By”, recorded in 27 takes. Brian has written lyrics for the track but they will remain unused. Brian, Bruce and Carl play during this session, with Jim Gordon on drums.

Pictured: German Cover variant (Top) Spain variant (Bottom)