Don't Go Near The Water Single

  • US Release: None
  • UK Release: November 1971
  • Chart High: None 
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Don't go near the water Sessions
April 1971, Bel Air, CA

The Beach Boys hired Jack Rieley as their manager in 1970. In order to make the band more relevant, Rieley suggested that the band write songs that were more political. “Don’t Go Near the Water” is the first example of this. The song puts an ironic, ecological spin on the traditional Beach Boys beach- and surf- based songs: instead of enjoying surfing and other fun activities, this time the listener is advised to avoid the water for environmental reasons. “Don’t Go Near The Water” was produced during a session at Brian Wilson’s home studio on April 3rd 1971, the same session that would also produce “Long Promised Road”. 

The song was chosen to be the B-side of the “Surf’s Up” single, released on November 8, 1971. It did not chart. Featured as an A-side in New Zealand, it peaked at #21 there. The song was also released as a single in several European countries, such as Britain and Germany. It was later released on November 2, 1981 as the B-side of the “Come Go with Me” single. The single charted at #18 in the US but never charted in the UK.

Pictured: Italian variant (Top) German variant (Bottom)