Darlin' single

  • US Release: December 18, 1967
  • UK Release: January 1968
  • Chart High: US #24; UK #11
  • Backed With: 
  • Here Today (US)
  • Country Air (UK)

Darlin' Sessions
September 26 1967, Los Angeles, CA

Today the group is working from Wally Heider studio in Hollywood with engineer Jimmy Lockert, freeing them from some of the space restrictions at Brian Wilson’s home studio. Recordings begin today with tracking for “A Thing Or Two” and “Darlin”. Darlin’ was originally written back in 1963 as “Thinkin’ Bout You Baby”, a record Brian produced for Sharon Marie.

Now the song has been re-written and is intended for release by Brian’s friend Danny Hutton and his group Redwood. But this fails to materialize, so today the full Beach Boys line-up set to work taping the song’s instrumental track, which starts life featuring just piano, bass and drums. Carl then overdubs his lead vocal, and guitar, tambourine and percussion inserts are added. Strings, horns and piano are then added to complete the song.

Pictured: Dutch Cover variant (Top) Spain variant (Bottom)